Zipfizz Energy Drink Mix, Blue Raspberry (20 ct.)

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  • 20 tubes of Zipfizz healthy energy drink mix
  • Transforms water into a healthy energy/sports drink
  • Packed with electrolytes, vitamin B12 and antioxidants
  • Low carb, zero sugar and gluten-free
  • 24 nutritional ingredients
  • Zipfizz® Energy Drink Mix, Blue Raspberry (20 ct) is a delicious energy-boosting and flavor-enhancing powder that will take your water from boring to blissful. Zipfizz is a healthy energy drink sweetened with zero grams of sugar and pure xylitol, a plant-derived natural sugar substitute. Zipfizz energy drink has benefits besides boosting your energy: its electrolytes provide advanced hydration that sticks with you longer than water and helps you recover from exercise. The energy source is not just typical caffeine, it's enhanced with guarana and green tea leaves to give you the boost of naturally occurring caffeine without the jitters of some other energy drinks.

    Zipfizz Energy Drink Mix, Blue Raspberry is also enhanced by vitamins including B12 to team up with caffeine and give you focus and attentiveness, not just frenetic stimulation. It will clear your mind and give your body stress-free alertness. This fizz energy drink will do more than just give you energy. There's an added bonus of immunity enhancement thanks to a high dose of vitamin C, as much as is in five glasses of orange juice. It also contains as many antioxidants as occur in one entire cup of blueberries.

    How Much Caffeine is in Zipfizz Energy Drink Mix?

    Each tube of Zipfizz Energy Drink Mix, Blue Raspberry contains 100mg of caffeine. Because the caffeine is from naturally occurring sources, guarana and green tea, it is less jittery than chemically generated caffeine and lasts longer with less of a crash.

    How Long Does Zipfizz Energy Last?

    The amount of caffeine and electrolytes in Zipfizz will provide sustained energy for four to six hours depending on your body type and typical caffeine consumption. If you have a higher tolerance, it will feel less impactful but will still have a lasting effect on your focus.

    Zipfizz Flavors

    This is a pack of 20 of one of the most delicious Zipfizz flavors, blue raspberry. It's a combination of blueberry, raspberry and strawberry flavors that lend themselves to a refreshing and invigorating natural taste. You'll want to make sure you bring more than one to work or your game, because it goes down fast and easy.

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