Windsoft Bath Tissue, Septic Safe, 2-Ply, White, 4" x 3.75" (500 sheets/roll, 96 rolls)

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  • Soft, absorbent white tissue in attractive individual wrappers
  • Safe for sewer and septic systems
  • Embossed
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  • Windsoft? Bath Tissue is soft, absorbent white tissue in attractive individual wrappers that?s safe for sewer and septic systems. This selection is a favorite among restaurants, schools, hospitals and movie theaters because it reliably satisfies customers, employees, coworkers and guests. Also, this enormous pack can last a long time and is perfect for servicing big crowds. Each roll of tissue toilet paper arrives with a wrapper, which makes it easy to carry or transport one roll at a time. However, all of the rolls come in a cardboard box that provides protection and security. Thanks to this durable cardboard exterior, you can stack this pack of toilet paper on shelves or in storage rooms.

    Why Use Windsoft Bath Tissue?

    Windsoft makes this tissue toilet paper so that it's multifunctional. With its 2-ply, soft, absorbent and robust construction, you can use this tissue toilet paper to tackle almost anything. Not only does it help you perform bathroom duties, but it also enables you to clean your home, dust your furniture and more. For instance, moistening this toilet paper allows you to wipe away dust from your bookshelves, coffee tables, ceiling fans and other items that collect dust. Similarly, this can polish jewelry and remove fingerprints from tables, mirrors, windows and laptop or smartphone screens. Many customers enjoy using tissue toilet paper to wipe spills, stains and other messes. Likewise, many people prefer using this to clean their bathroom.

    Where Does Windsoft Bath Tissue Originate?

    This tissue toilet paper comes from Windsoft, which is one of the leading premier lines of paper products in the world. The company has many distributors in many countries all across the globe. In addition to producing bathroom tissue paper, the company also makes center pull towels, facial tissue and folded tissues. It also offers hardwound roll towels and perforated roll towels. Windsoft is passionate about delivering high-quality products to its consumers. Lastly, its products exceed EPA guidelines for recycled content, which means they don't harm the environment.

    Extra Unique Ways to Use Tissue Toilet Paper

    Tissue toilet paper can be excellent for producing arts and crafts at home or in the classroom. The cardboard roll can be an inexpensive item that students can fashion into anything they want. Kids can color, paint, cut and glue things to the roll until it resembles a butterfly, a dinosaur or Santa Claus. Additionally, one can mix toilet paper with other materials to create papier-m?ch?, which is always a fun art project that children adore. Pupils can practice painting on the toilet paper and parents or teacher can hang the result on the walls a beautiful, homemade decoration.

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