Weber Steak 'n Chop Seasoning (8.5 oz.)

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  • Adds great flavor to your favorite pork and beef dishes
  • Packaged in a clear recyclable plastic bottle
  • Steak and chop seasoning made with natural sea salt and spices
  • No MSG
  • Convenient small size
  • Spice up your life with Weber® Steak 'n Chop Seasoning (8.5 oz.). This seasoning blends great into your favorite beef and pork dishes.

    What Is Inside Weber Steak 'n Chop Seasoning?

    This steak and chop seasoning has simple, quality ingredients that will transform and enliven your favorite meats and meals. Worcestershire sauce is made with molasses and tamarind, and this special sauce is the backbone of Weber Steak 'n Chop Seasoning. This seasoning also includes sea salt, garlic, pepper and a few other spices to power, but not overpower your tasty meat options.

    What Are Weber Steak 'n Chop Seasoning Recipe Ideas?

    While Weber Steak 'n Chop Seasoning makes a delicious pork chop seasoning, you can also add this mix on steak to create a variety of new food options. However, this seasoning also works great for a fresh new take on cooked vegetables. To create a powerful grilled veggie first chop your favorite vegetables such as: squash, zucchini, carrots, onions and peppers and place into a large bowl. Pour a small amount of olive oil and dust Weber Steak 'n Chop Seasoning onto the vegetables, depending on the amount of flavor you are looking to add. Last, place the vegetables on the grill grates or use a grill pan. Cook the vegetables for just three or four minutes per side, or until the veggies are slightly browned yet soft. You can add these as a pork chop side or use them as a vegetarian option at your next grill out for friends and loved ones.

    More Information About Weber Steak 'n Chop Seasoning

    This steak and chop seasoning is made without harmful chemicals like MSG. When you have finished a bottle, you can easily recycle to help make an impact on plastic waste. This small handy size makes it easy to bring to your family's or friend's house to let them try the amazing flavors themselves!

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