Utz Mini Twist Pretzels (60 oz.)

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  • Great reusable barrel
  • Bite-sized pretzels make this great for kids' lunches
  • Pretzel snacks suitable for vegans
  • Kosher certified
  • Enjoy serving after serving of crispy salted Utz® Mini Twist Pretzels, the perfect snack for any occasion. This bulk-sized jug is ideal for bustling households, workplace pantries, and school events—just pour pretzels into bowls and you're ready to go.

    About Utz Mini Twist Pretzels

    This large plastic barrel holds nearly four pounds of Utz pretzels, which offers about 60 servings. Pretzel snacks are a low-fat, low-calorie, and low-sugar option—perfect for when you want something savory and crunchy to munch on. Utz pretzels popularized the baked, salted snack in America and they utilize a unique two-part baking process to keep the pretzels fresh and extra crunchy for longer. They’re suitable for those who prefer a vegan and/or kosher snack.

    Who Will Appreciate These Pretzel Snacks?

    Anyone who loves a simple, classic snack. Utz pretzels are popular with kids and adults alike and are perfect for enjoying with the family during movie nights. Toss a bunch of pretzels in snack bags and place in your child’s lunch box for a crispy, hearty snack at school. Do the same for yourself and bring a bag or two to work for a delicious and satisfying snack during the day. Pretzel snacks can be enjoyed at any type of gathering, including birthday parties, holiday gatherings, the Super Bowl, etc., as Utz pretzels are sure to delight every guest.

    Can Utz Mini Twist Pretzels be Used in Recipes?

    They sure can! As delicious as they are right out of the barrel as a snack, these pretzel bites also make wonderful components of recipes. Here are some fun uses for Utz pretzels:

    • Coat with melted chocolate and place in the freezer to set; once they’re ready, you’ll have a decadent sweet and savory snack on your hands
    • Make a wholesome trail mix with these pretzels, raisins, dried cranberries, almonds and feel energized throughout the day
    • Create a fun snack mix for parties with Utz pretzels, flavored potato chips, peanuts, and crunchy cereal with its array of tastes and textures
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