Smarty Pets Automatic Pet Door Value Kit, Large Wall Mount

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  • Automatic dog door including motor-driven, vertically-sliding door activated by a U4 ultrasonic collar
  • Directional sensing system so it only opens when your pet directly approaches
  • Wind and weatherproof with airtight seal
  • Smarty Pets Automatic Pet Door Value Kit, Large Wall Mount, manufactured by High Tech Pets®, is a collar and door combination that brings you the latest in dog-door technology. Smarty Pets features an automatic dog door with a sensor, so that when your dog wears the included U4 collar, the door will electronically open and allow your dog to enter or exit. Invest in this easy-to-use pet door that provides you with security, safety and convenience.

    How Does the Smarty Pets Automatic Pet Door Work?

    The Smarty Pets pet door is a fully automatic entry and exit system for your dog which is activated by a tiny ultrasonic collar. When your pet approaches the door, the panel will quickly and quietly power upwards to allow your pet to exit. The directional sensing systems will only open when your dog directly approaches the door, as opposed to when he is simply wandering by or sleeping next to it.

    The translucent door panel, constructed of super-strength resin, moves vertically up and down as opposed to the classic dog door which swings outward. This vertical configuration allows the panel to be mounted for air-tight closure. This arrangement's benefits are twofold. First, the automatic deadbolt locking protects against intruders and other stray animals. Second, the air-tight sealing system is completely wind and weather-proof.

    What Comes With the Smarty Pets Automatic Pet Door Value Kit, Large Wall Mount?

    When you purchase this smart pet door, you will receive the Smarty Pets automatic door, the corresponding U4 collar, a rechargeable back-up battery and a wall adapter tunnel. If you happen to lose power, snap the rechargeable battery into the battery compartment so that your Smarty Pets door can continue to function. You also have the option of purchasing a separate battery charger so you can operate your power pet door without the AC wall connection.

    Designed for cats and dogs up to 100 pounds, this easily-installed, smart dog door capitalizes in performance, design, value and reliability. With Smarty Pets Automatic Pet Door Value Kit, Large Wall Mount, invest in one of the best electronic dog doors on the market today.

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    BrandSmarty Pets
    Country of ManufactureChina
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