PetAction Plus for Dogs, 8 Doses (Choose Your Size)

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  • Uses the best flea medicine for dogs: fipronil
  • Same active ingredients as FRONTLINE
  • Once-a-month dosage
  • Fast-acting
  • Waterproof
  • Fleas are not just a problem for pets, but also owners. If fleas are infesting your home, you run the risk of disease and skin issues for the entire family as well as your pet. PetAction™ Plus for Dogs, 8 Doses (Choose Your Size) works to kill the adult fleas on your pet as well as the eggs and larvae that may be inhabiting them. It is the first step to breaking the infestation.

    What Are the Active Ingredients of PetAction Plus for Dogs?

    PetAction Plus for Dogs has the same active ingredients as the name brand. The medication uses the best flea treatment for dogs, fipronil, which kills adult fleas on contact. It also includes (s)methoprene, which kills eggs and larvae to help break the cycle of infestation.

    What Weight Sizes Are Accommodated by Flea and Tick Prevention for Dogs?

    There are different dosages of flea medicine for dogs. Read the label thoroughly to ensure you get the right dosage for your pet. Small dog dosage is for pups five to 22 pounds. Medium dosage is for 23 to 44 pounds. Large dosage is for dogs 45 to 88 pounds with the extra-large dosages for dog 88 to 132 pounds. Do not use on dogs less than five pounds and less than eight weeks old.

    Can You Use Flea Treatment for Dogs on Cats?

    Do not use flea and tick medicine for dogs on cats or any other animals. Different species of animals metabolize medication differently. Using treatments designed for dogs on another type of animal could be devastating. Fatalities from misused medication do occur. Always follow the instructions on the package to ensure safe use.

    How Many Dosages Are in a Packet of PetAction Plus for Dogs?

    There are enough packets for eight months of protection for a single pet.

    How Often Do You Use Pet Flea & Tick Control?

    You should not use more than one tube on your pet at a time. Dosages work for 30 days. Do not use more frequently than once a month. If the infestation continues, speak to your vet about proper containment methods. It would be best if you treated your home to help rid the fleas in carpets and furniture.

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