PetAction Plus for Cats and Kittens (8 doses)

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  • Pet Action Plus
  • 8-month supply
  • Kills fleas, eggs and larvae
  • Kills ticks, lice and mites
  • Fast-acting and long-lasting
  • Keep your cat free from fleas and ticks with Action Plus for Cats and Kittens (8 doses). Pet Action Plus For Cats has been carefully and strategically formulated to kill the insects that are most harmful to cats and kittens as well as their offspring. This pet flea and tick control works quickly and lasts long, giving your furry friend the relief they need.

    What Is Action Plus for Cats and Kittens Effective Against?

    Action Plus for Cats and Kittens is made to combat the common pests that cats and kittens face. It immediately gets to work killing fleas and ticks and well as the eggs and larvae they leave behind, effectively destroying every part of the flea lifecycle. Action Plus for Cats and Kittens is also effective against lice, ticks and mites as well. This is among the best flea and tick control options out there because it eradicates everything from the eggs to the adults, so you aren't dealing with the same problem again a few months after treatment.

    How Long Does Action Plus for Cats and Kittens Last?

    This box of Pet Action Plus contains an 8-month supply of flea and tick prevention. Unlike other flea and tick control medications, Pet Action Plus doesn't lose its effectiveness after water immersion or being exposed to sunlight. If it says 8 months on the box, you get 8 months of completely effective protection.

    Which Cats Can Use Pet Action Plus?

    Pet Action Plus is only intended to be used on cats over 1.5 pounds who are 8 weeks or older. For flea and tick prevention for smaller or younger cats, consult your veterinarian for options. It is, however, perfectly acceptable to use Pet Action Plus on your breeding or pregnant cat. You can even use Pet Action Plus on cats that are currently lactating.

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