Pedigree Small Dog Targeted Nutrition, Steak and Vegetable Dry Dog Food (20 lbs.)

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  • Contains Omega 6 for dog’s skin and coat
  • Zipper closure to keep food fresh
  • Easy to chew design for small dogs
  • Tasty steak and vegetable flavor
  • You want the best for your fur-baby, just like you do for the other family members in your life. Pedigree® Small Dog Targeted Nutrition, Steak and Vegetable Dry Dog Food (20 lbs.) gives your four-legged companion the nutrition they need to stay active and healthy. This crunchy formula fills them up and helps clean teeth with every mouthful.

    Is Pedigree Small Dog Food Dry or Wet?

    This is dry-crunch dog food. It has animal protein, whole grain corn, and the vitamins and minerals your dog needs to stay healthy. Your dog will get a mixture of 21% crude proteins and 11% crude fat with every serving.

    How Much Pedigree Small Dog Targeted Nutrition, Steak and Vegetable Dry Dog Food Do I Give My Dog?

    All Pedigree dry dog food containers have a recommended serving guide listed on their package. Small dogs, especially those who tend to be less active, do not need as much dry food as their more larger counterparts. Servings are dependent on the ideal weight for your dog. If your pet is overweight, feed the recommended serving size for the size they should be. Reduce the amount of dry food if you also feed canned food. If you are uncertain of your dog’s ideal weight, speak with your pet’s veterinarian.

    Is Pedigree Steak and Vegetable Dog Food for Small Dogs Only?

    Pedigree Small Dog Targeted Nutrition, Steak, and Vegetable Dry Dog Food is designed for small dogs. It has smaller, easier-to-chew pieces that breeds with smaller mouths need. Larger dogs may eat this brand, but they will need a larger serving size. If you have a small or toy breed dog, Pedigree Small Breed Dog Food is best for them.

    For What Age Range Is Pedigree Food Good?

    While there is Pedigree puppy food available for smaller dogs, the Steak and Vegetable dry dog food is for adults. For dogs, this means that the animal should be at least one year old before changing to this dog food. Puppies, nursing mothers, and dogs over the age of seven have special dietary needs that may not be met by this brand.

    Feeding Guide

    Weight of Adult Dog (lbs.): Cups Per Day
    Up to 5: 1/4 to 1/2
    5 to 10: 1/2 to 3/4
    10 to 15: 3/4 to 1
    15 to 20: 1 to 1 1/3
    20 to 25: 1 1/3 to 1 2/3
    25+: 1 2/3 Cups + 1/2 cup for every 5 lbs >25 lbs

    Mixing With Canned?
    Replace 1/2 Cup for each 1/2 Can of Pedigree® Choice Cuts™ In Gravy

    Mixing With Pouch?
    Replace 1/4 Cup for each 3.5 oz Pedigree Pouch
    1 Cup= 8 oz measuring cup, 1 can = 13.2 oz

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