Orbit Gum Bubblemint (55 ct., 4 pks.)

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  • Mix of mint and bubble gum flavors
  • Delivers a brushed clean feeling
  • Sugar-free
  • Great for the car or office desk
  • 4 bottles (55 pieces ea)
  • Keep your breath fresh bite after bite with Orbit® Gum Bubblemint (55-count, 4-packs). It's infused with an appealing minty cool flavor that keeps going as long as you do. Whether you have a meeting or a special date, Orbit makes a great choice. Get that just brushed clean feeling anytime.

    What's in Orbit Gum Bubblemint?

    Orbit gum is made of sorbitol, gum base and natural and artificial flavors. It's free of sugar and sweetened with an artificial sweetener, so you get to enjoy all the chewy fun with none of the unplanned calories. Carefully sealed in an easy-grab bottle, it offers more than 50 pieces per bottle, so you have enough to last for weeks.

    Delicious Treat

    Indulge your taste buds whenever you have a craving for something sweet. Orbit chewing gum contains less than 5 calories—roughly the amount of energy it takes to walk up or down the stairs. Chewing gum also helps dampen hunger pangs, which makes it a good alternative to sugary snacks. Leave a bottle in your car and another in your office desk so it's never far. Share some with coworkers at work or with friends during the big game.

    ADA Accepted

    Protect your teeth from decay. Chewing gum after a meal (combined with healthy oral habits) is accepted by the American Dental Association as an effective way of preventing cavities. It helps stimulate the flow of saliva, which reduces acidity levels, making it harder for plaque-causing bacteria to thrive.

    Does Orbit Gum Bubblemint come in other flavors?

    Orbit Gum Bubblemint is available in other appealing icy cool flavors. Popular choices include Orbit spearmint, orbit white peppermint, and Orbit Wintermint. You'll also find fun, fruity and spicy choices like Orbit Citrus, Orbit Strawberry and Orbit Cinnamon.

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