Member's Mark Ranch Dressing (1 gal.)

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  • Ranch dressing is ideal for salads
  • Great as a veggie dip
  • Gluten-free
  • Ideal for parties or food service
  • A versatile staple for just about any meal
  • Member's Mark® Ranch Dressing is made to indulge your senses with its distinct flavor and creamy texture. It's an ideal addition to salads, chicken dishes and as a dip for veggie trays. Set it out for get-togethers and family dinners so your family and friends can enjoy.

    About Member's Mark Ranch Dressing

    This 1-gallon bottle holds about 128 servings of creamy ranch dressing. It's made with a flavorful mix of egg yolks, vinegar, garlic, buttermilk and sour cream powders, parsley and lemon. This versatile ranch dressing is also gluten-free and suitable for vegetarians.

    Who Loves Member's Mark Ranch Dressing?

    Just about anyone who craves a cool, piquant flavor and rich, creamy texture can enjoy Member's Mark Ranch Dressing. Ranch salad dressing has the ability to turn drab foods into fab with a mere dollop of its presence. Since its inception, it's been used to help parents get their kids to eat more vegetables and has made crisp and fiery chicken wings gentler on the palate. This bottle is an ideal size for catering large gatherings and makes a suitable addition to any home where the family just loves ranch dressing. Once opened and refrigerated, it can stay fresh until the date printed on the bottle.

    How to Best Enjoy Creamy Ranch Dressing

    Member's Mark Ranch Dressing is extremely versatile and is regularly used as a salad dressing, a spread on sandwiches and a dip for fresh veggies and chicken wings or tenders. But there are many more unique dinner ideas. Try using this ranch dressing in chicken burritos to replace sour cream for a zesty change. Make creamy ranch chili with beans and ground beef. Mix ranch dressing with spicy Buffalo sauce and use as a dressing for bowtie pasta with chicken. Coat raw potato chunks with ranch dressing, bake until soft and toss with bacon bits for a creamy and savory potato side dish. Coat fresh salmon filets with ranch and seasoned bread crumbs and cook until crisp and juicy. Even make pizzas at home with ranch dressing mixed into raw dough and baked topped with your favorite meats, cheeses and veggies.

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