Member's Mark Microfiber Towels (24 pk., 3 Colors)

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  • Non-abrasive material protects soft surfaces
  • 3 colors included: blue, gray, and yellow
  • Reusable, great for car washing, gyms, and pet grooming
  • Absorbs 8 times its own weight
  • Microfiber travel towels
  • Member's Mark™ Microfiber Towels (24 pk., 3 Colors) offer the perfect combination of strength and softness, with ultimate drying power. These towels are great for household use, auto detailing and so much more. The multipack makes it easy to divide and conquer, putting these towels to use in plenty of ways. This is an exclusive item for club members.

    What Colors Are Included or Are They Assorted?

    The Member’s Mark Microfiber Towels multipack includes three different colors of towels. You get eight each of the blue, gray and yellow towels. You can designate certain towels for certain tasks, such as separate towels for washing the dog and washing the cars or set aside one color for cleaning with chemicals.

    What Is Microfiber?

    Microfiber fabric is a material that is made from polyester and nylon blends, in most cases. The fibers are combined into small piles and then split, creating the ultra-soft feel and finish on these towels. Microfiber is made in a lab environment and can be made from polyester, nylon polymers and even wood pulp.

    Why Is Microfiber Better Than Regular Towels?

    Because the fibers used to make Member’s Mark Microfiber Towels are so fine, they create an ultra-soft, fine finish that provides better detail cleaning and a material that is safer for porous or delicate surfaces. Microfiber cloth is also preferred because it absorbs water at such a great rate, and since it is chemically created, it can be made to have other properties, such as being extra soft.

    What Type of Microfiber Towels Are Available?

    In addition to this handy set of Member’s Mark towels for cleaning and other household tasks, many people choose microfiber bath towels for their home linens. Microfiber has become so popular that people choose it for sheets and other products, as well. This particular value pack offers smaller towels for multiple uses, making it easy for you to put them to use in many different ways.

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    BrandMember's Mark
    Country of ManufactureChina
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