Member's Mark Buttermilk Pancake Mix (10 lbs.)

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  • Makes approx. 200+ pancakes or waffles
  • Resealable pouch for easy storage and lasting freshness
  • Great for both home and business use
  • Creative recipes listed on package
  • Start your morning off right with Member's Mark Buttermilk Pancake Mix (10 lbs). This one bag can help create a large number of pancakes in little time.

    What’s in Member's Mark Buttermilk Pancake Mix?

    This selection features a large bag of pancake mix that you can use to create buttermilk pancakes in no time. Once prepared, each pancake is soft, fluffy and rich with flavor. Just by eating a couple in the morning, you can provide yourself with the nourishment that you need to get through the day.

    What Are Some Buttermilk Pancake Mix Recipes?

    Although you can use pancake batter to create delicious pancakes, you can also do much more. Many enjoy using pancake batter to create cookies, cakes, donuts and brownies. Using pancake batter to create these treats gives them a unique and gratifying flavor that’s difficult to find elsewhere. However, if you’re determined to make pancakes, there are a variety of ways that you can serve them. You can toss blueberries into the batter and then dip the cooked pancakes in chocolate sauce. Moreover, you can add sprinkles and honey onto them once you’ve drowned them in peanut butter. With pancakes, you can get creative. And if you look on the back of this bag, you’ll find a list of other yummy recipes that you may find fulfilling.

    Effortless Preparation

    Unlike alternatives, this pancake mix makes it easy to create a satisfying meal. With this particular pancake mix, all you need is a little bit of water. Once you mix your desired proportion with water, you’ll be ready to make buttermilk pancakes.

    Massive Bag Offers Additional Convenience

    With 10 lbs. of pancake mix in this one bag, you can make about 200 pancakes, which makes this an excellent option for restaurants, schools, cafeterias and more. If you’re responsible for feeding a crowd, this can be a useful selection.

    You Can Keep It Fresh

    This bag of pancake mix is equipped with a resealable top, which can help maintain freshness. The resealable top also promotes cleanliness, since you’re less likely to make a mess.

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