Member's Mark Basil Pesto (22 oz.)

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  • Perfect for any gathering with friends and family, Member's Mark Basil Pesto is authentic, gluten-free, versatile and delicious
  • 100% imported Italian basil, artisan cheeses, oil and pine nuts
  • Gluten free, authentic Italian basil pesto
  • Versatile sauce that can be used for chicken, bread, pasta and dips
  • Flavorful, smooth basil pesto sauce for any occasion
  • Party with Flavorful, Authentic Italian Basil Pesto Sauce

    Whether you're making tortellini, basil chicken pasta, homemade pasta sauce or your own original recipe, Member's Mark Basil Pesto is sure to add a special flavor that will delight your taste buds as well as your guests. Made with 100% imported Italian basil D.O.P., aged Parmesan and Romano cheeses, oil and pine nuts, this gluten-free pesto completes family dinners and gatherings with friends. Friday's pasta night is a guaranteed success when Member's Mark Basil Pesto is invited.

    Member's Mark Basil Pesto is ready to eat and perfect for adding flavor to whatever you may crave: chicken, pasta, sandwiches, dips, toppings, bread and more. Served hot or cold, basil pesto is enjoyed by adults and kids alike. Make sure to keep refrigerated to ensure optimal freshness and lasting flavor.

    You can add Member Mark's Basil Pesto to lunches, put it on the dinner menu or serve it as a snack. Marinate chicken, mix in with pasta, use it as a dip for bread or vegetables and top off any of your favorite recipes. This authentic basil pesto sauce is versatile, gluten-free and ready to go anytime and anywhere. Satisfy your cravings and your taste buds with Member's Mark Basil Pesto!

    About 100% Imported Italian Basil D.O.P

    Member's Mark Pesto features 100% Imported Italian Basil D.O.P., which guarantees that the basil is cultivated only from the Liguria region of Northern Italy. Ligurian D.O.P basil has superb flavor and aroma due to the unique combination of local soil, warm sun, Mediterranean salt air, and mountain breezes that are hallmarks of the region.

    Sam's Club is proud to offer Member's Mark Basil Pesto, using 100% DOP Basil imported from Italy.


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