Maseca Special Regular 0 (50 lbs.)

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  • Corn flour ideal for sweet and savory dishes
  • Whole selected corn
  • Ideal for restaurant and foodservice use
  • 50 lb. bag
  • With Maseca® Special Regular 0 (50 lbs.), you have the perfect vehicle for making sopes, tortillas and so much more. It's one of the most popular corn flour brands in the world and is made with whole select corn.

    About Maseca Special Regular 0

    This bag holds 50 pounds of Maseca Special Regular 0 corn flour. The Maseca brand was born in 1949 when the company created the world's first nixtamal factory, which processes and hulls large amounts of corn to create 'masa seca' dry dough. Nowadays, Maseca's corn flour is considered one of the finest in the world and regularly used to make some of the most authentic Mexican-style dishes.

    Who Needs This Authentic Corn Flour?

    Anyone who regularly uses corn flour, either in a professional setting or at home. It can suit a variety of baking needs and with a 50-pound bag, there's plenty of corn flour to make many delicious dishes! It's popular in restaurants, cafés, catering companies and food trucks, whether used to make Mexican and Latin dishes or any number of global cuisines.

    What Can I Make Using Maseca Special Regular 0?

    Maseca corn flour is fantastically versatile! It can be used to make a variety of sweet and savory dishes. Yes, it's great for homemade tortillas and tamales but it can do so much more. Here are just a few ideas:

    • Make fried or baked chicken extra crispy by coating in Maseca corn flour
    • Make pizza dough using this tasty corn flour and top with traditional ingredients or follow a Mexican theme and make pork carnitas pizza
    • Make sweet and tangy key lime cheesecake with Maseca used for a tasty and crumbly pie crust
    • Make decadent fried dough for a special weekend treat with Maseca; don't forget to coat in cinnamon and sugar for the perfect finish
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