Hefty Supreme Oval Foam Platters (100 ct.)

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  • Soak-proof design for reliable mess-free eating
  • Cut-resistant construction means you don't have to worry about cutting through your plate
  • Makes clean-up easy and convenient; saves you time from having to wash dishes
  • Great for parties, gatherings, foodservice, concessions and everyday use
  • Prevent messes while remaining affordable for everyday use
  • Hefty® Supreme™ Oval Foam Platters are the simplest way to serve your favorite meals mess-free. Just plate your food, eat up and toss it in the trash. They can withstand anything.

    Are Hefty Supreme Oval Foam Platters Durable?

    Hefty Supreme Oval Foam Platters are super strong. Thanks to its incredible cut-resistant, soak-proof construction, you don't have to worry about leaks or breaks. With the strength of a glass plate and the weight of a paper plate, you get the best of both worlds. Even a knife can't cut through it. Sauces and juices won't seep through either. Whether you're cooking a fine quality steak, pork chop, homemade pasta, salad or your family's signature dish, Hefty foam plates will take care of it all.

    Disposable Plates Save Time

    Save yourself time by serving your meals on disposable plates. Compared to regular bowls and dishes, Hefty foam plates don't need to be cleaned. Whether you're using them for yourself, a party or a family meal, you can't go wrong with these heavy-duty disposable plates.

    Long-Lasting Set

    Including a total of 100 plates, these will last a while before they're all gone. If you're using them just for yourself, that's 100 meals. For the family, around 20–30 meals. And for parties, around 3–6 parties depending on how many guests you have.

    The Perfect Party Plate

    The best way to feed your guests at parties is with Hefty foam plates. Easy to plate, eat on and dispose of, you can now focus more on your guests and less on the clean-up. Simply keep the entire stack by the trays of food to have everyone serve themselves. By the end of the night, instead of finding a mound of dishes piled in the sink, you'll find them all in the trash can—all ready to be tossed out.

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