Hefty Supreme Foam Plates, 6" (320 ct.)

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  • Soak-proof and cut-resistant construction prevents cracks and leaks
  • Disposable plates make it easy to clean up
  • Hefty foam plates are perfect for everyday use and for special occasions
  • Perfect size for serving snacks, appetizers, desserts and other small meals
  • Prepare your favorite dishes on these Hefty® Supreme™ Foam Plates, 6" (320 ct.) for a simple and easy way to serve a house full of guests. Lightweight yet durable, these plates were made to withstand any food you give it.

    Why Use Hefty Supreme Foam Plates?

    Hefty Supreme Foam Plates are constructed from a strong foam material. Built to hold up most foods without cracking or breaking, they're a must-have in every kitchen. Whether you're serving yourself, your family or an entire party, these Hefty Foam Plates are sure to make everyone's eating experience a lot more pleasant and hassle-free.

    Durable and Strong

    Unlike most paper plates, Hefty Supreme Plates are soak-proof, allowing you to eat and chow down on whatever you'd like without having to worry about it breaking or leaking. Even if your dish consists of a broth or stew, these plates will never collapse. In fact, they won't even get wet. All the liquid will simply stay on top. Plus, with the plate's raised edges, it's not that easy to spill. Hefty Foam Plates keep everything where they should be, preventing any food from going to waste and dirtying your floors. Moreover, if you happen to be eating with a knife and fork, you don't have to worry about cutting through or poking holes in the plate either. Its incredible cut-resistant material won't allow it.

    Great for Reusing

    Because these Hefty Foam Plates are soak-proof, you can keep reusing them without mixing foods together. They're practically non-stick, so when you finish your first round, just give it a quick rinse under warm water and you'll have a fresh clean platter to eat on again. These Hefty Foam Plates are six inches in diameter making them perfect for smaller meals and dishes, especially when it comes to snacks, appetizers and desserts.

    Perfect for Parties

    Hefty Foam Plates are great for parties. Not only because of how many plates come in each pack, but also because of how disposable they are. As long as you have these in stock, you almost never have to wash dishes. After food is served and everyone is done eating, just dump all the plates in the trash. No clean up is required except tossing it out. If you want to free up more time for yourself, you can also set a stack of plates by the food area so your guests can easily serve themselves. Thanks to its lightweight construction, Hefty Foam Plates can be comfortably carried around in one hand. Now, you can eat while you walk instead of being stuck to a chair and table because of how heavy your plate is.

    Who Makes these Foam Plates?

    These foam plates are made by the brand Hefty which is owned by Reynolds Consumer Products, Inc. They sell their products nationwide and have quickly become a staple in many households. With products ranging from trash bags, trash cans, disposable tableware and cookware, freezer bags and more, people use Hefty's products almost every day.

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