Glaceau SmartWater (1 L., 15 pk.)

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  • Vapor-distilled with electrolytes added for taste, smartwater offers a bottled water that's simple, pure and delicious
  • Smartwater is a purified water made using vapor distillation, a purification process that simulates the hydrologic cycle—similar to the way water is purified in nature
  • Containing a unique blend of calcium, magnesium and potassium, Smartwater creates a taste that is distinctly fresh, crisp, and pure
  • Glaceau Smartwater is the crisp and refreshing bottled water that keeps you hydrated while infusing your body with healthy electrolytes. This special bottled water is especially important for those who lead an active lifestyle and prefer the natural taste of water over that of flavored sports beverages.

    How Is Glaceau Smartwater Created?

    Glaceau Smartwater is purified the natural way by mimicking the hydrologic cycle through its vapor distillation process. Through this method, water molecules are separated, purified and then rejoined, with heat being applied to remove contaminants. When the vapor is cooled, the water condenses back into a liquid state and is ultra-purified. This results in every sip being a crisp, clean and refreshing experience. Electrolytes are added to Glaceau Smartwater to improve flavor as well as to benefit the body. While many bottled waters are purified, SmartWater is so named thanks to its clever electrolyte formulation.

    Who Does Glaceau Smartwater Benefit?

    Everyone. This bottled water with electrolytes is deliciously pure and replenishes the body, which is important for people of all ages, especially those who lead an active lifestyle. This multi-pack includes 15 one-liter bottles and are ideal for enjoying on the go, so bring a bottle along to school, work, the gym and anywhere you go to combat thirst. Unlike many sports drinks, this bottled water is free from calories, sugar, sodium and carbohydrates. Keep a pack at home and make sure everyone in your household is armed with a delicious glaceau Smartwater to stay feeling their best all day long.

    Glaceau Smartwater Makes Holidays Even Brighter

    Smartwater bottles are a wonderful addition to holiday gatherings, whether you're celebrating with family, friends or your partner. Indulging in holiday foods and drinks can leave our bodies feeling depleted. Glaceau Smartwater hydrates and replenishes the body's natural electrolytes, helping to quickly heal the body following the after-effects of holiday decadence. Bottled water with electrolytes, like Glaceau Smartwater, can make the holidays even brighter by allowing us to indulge and feel less guilty afterwards.

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