Dart Foam Hinged Lid Containers, 3-Compartment, 9.25" x 9.5" x 3", White (200 ct.)

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  • Insulated for both hot and cold items
  • Non-absorbent
  • Stackable
  • Dart® Foam Hinged 3-Compartment To-Go Boxes, Large (200 ct.) are the takeout classic that everyone is familiar with. These three-compartment to-go boxes enjoy fame that is permanently associated with those cuisines they most often carry: teriyaki, enchiladas, barbeque and pretty much anything that is served with one or two side dishes. The convenient design of three-compartment food containers keeps soupy or saucy components separated, preventing cross-contamination of clashing flavors. In Dart Foam Hinged 3-Compartment To-Go Boxes, Large, spicy sauces can live in the right-hand corner while the sweet sauce is comfortably tucked into the left-hand corner, and the main entree is sitting dryly in its spacious central compartment. These boxes are non-absorbent, stackable and insulated to accommodate both hot and cold foods.

    Is Styrofoam Compostable?

    No, styrofoam is not compostable and must be disposed of in landfill-bound trash containers. Compostable products must be made from natural materials, materials that can be placed within the soil and broken down by natural organisms within the compost ecosystem like worms and plants. However, Styrofoam such as used in these 3-compartment containers is poisonous to these organisms and cannot be broken down by natural processes, so it is not compostable and must be carefully disposed of so it doesn't end up in the ocean or as litter.

    Is Styrofoam Microwaveable?

    It is not recommended. Styrofoam may be safe in your microwave, depending on the type of styrofoam and the wattage, but there is a chance that chemicals from the plastic may leach into your food when exposed to heat or microwaves. Though it may be safe, it is recommended to take one extra step to transfer your food to a porcelain or glass dish before microwaving. This removes any risk of leaching and will ensure the flavor of your food is not tainted.

    Is Styrofoam Insulated?

    Styrofoam has natural insulator properties that make styrofoam containers ideal for food storage and transport, hence why dishes such as Dart Foam Hinged 3-Compartment To-Go Boxes, Large are so ubiquitous. Styrofoam food containers keep your food hot or cold for longer periods of time than paper or unlined plastic containers do. They also help your food retain moisture and stay fresh during transport.

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