Dart Foam Drink Cups, White (12 oz., 1000 ct.)

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  • For hot and cold beverages
  • Keeps beverages at proper serving temperature on inside and keeps hands comfortable on the outside
  • One-piece construction reduces chance of leaks
  • Insulated foam keeps beverages at proper serving temperature on the inside and keeps hands comfortable on the outside. Good for hot and cold beverages. One-piece construction reduces chance of leaks.

    Dart® Foam Cups (12 oz., 1,000 ct.) are the standard in disposable cups for your home or office. These 12-oz. cups feature a sturdy single-piece design along with a comfortable shape that also happens to make them ideal for stacking and storing.

    What Is the Advantage of Styrofoam Cups?

    Styrofoam is an excellent insulator, which means it easily keeps hot drinks hotter longer and cold drinks colder longer. They are lightweight and easy to hold, making them a great choice for kids and adults alike. Perhaps best of all, these styrofoam cups are recyclable. When you're done enjoying your drink you can drop them into a recycling bin so they can be reused.

    Are Styrofoam Cups Safe?

    Dart styrofoam cups are made from a foodservice quality styrofoam. They're made with styrofoam that's been specifically engineered to be used with food and drink. You're perfectly safe using these cups, and the styrofoam won't affect the flavor of your beverage.

    Where Is the Best Place to Store Styrofoam Cups?

    With Dart Foam Cups, the answer is practically anywhere. These stackable cups can be easily placed in just about any cabinet or drawer for easy access. Their stability means they keep just as easily outside the box as inside the box. Leave a stack of foams cups next to your serving station to let guests help themselves at their convenience.

    What Can I Put in Styrofoam Cups?

    Whatever you want! Dart styrofoam cups are designed to handle both hot and cold beverages equally well. It doesn't matter if you're in the mood for a cold smoothie, cup of ice water or even a piping hot coffee. These foam cups will keep your drink the temperature you want to enjoy it at. It's the perfect cup for your coffee, soda, shake, smoothie, tea, juice and more.

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