ASL Solutions Dog House Solar Powered Exhaust Fan (Choose Your Size)

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  • Quiet so your dog can rest peacefully
  • Works well and lasts long
  • Solar exhaust fan to conserve energy
  • Compatible with all ASL Solutions dog houses
  • Great for higher temperature weather
  • You're willing to do anything to make your dog happy, because he makes you happy every second he's around. You buy him the most nutritious and tasty food, ensuring he always walks away from the bowl satisfied. You provide your dog with a collar that protects from ticks and fleas, so you don't have to take him to the vet. Now, you've finally decided to give your dog his own space with an ASL Solutions® Dog House. New technology lets you keep that dog house cooler during those hotter days with the ASL Solutions Dog House Solar Powered Exhaust Fan (Choose Your Size). It also comes in all sizes, just in case you have a puppy or a fully grown dog.

    NOTE: Unit only works in direct sunlight. It does not have a battery to store power.

    Why Would I Need This Solar Powered Fan?

    The development of the ASL Solutions Dog House Solar Powered Exhaust Fan was developed as an answer to the higher temperatures that can occur in the original dog house. The ASL Solutions Dog House is great for winter months, and the insulation provides added comfort during colder temperatures. With the solar powered ventilation fan, the hot sun can provide energy to keep the interior of the dog house cool. If your dog wanted to, he could still hang out inside the dog house even in extremely hot temperatures due to the solar exhaust fan.

    Is the ASL Solutions Dog House Solar Powered Exhaust Fan Safe to Use?

    The solar-powered fan was built specifically for the ASL Solutions Dog House. Whether you have the DP Hunter™ Dog House for small puppies or the regular size dog house for grown dogs, the solar-powered fan is safe to use. The unit cannot harm your dog and the installation avoids any electrical errors. You might have to drag your dog out to play after he becomes too cozy inside.

    Is the ASL Solutions Dog House Solar Powered Exhaust Fan Noisy?

    The fan was developed with the dog in mind, not just in maintaining temperature but also eliminating noise. The vent is quiet and will not bother your dog, allowing him to sleep peacefully.

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    BrandASL Solutions
    Country of ManufactureChina
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